1. Functions and Moments
  2. Percentiles
  3. Conditional Probability and Expectation
  4. Variance and Expected Value Algebra
  5. Mixture Distributions
  6. Normal Approximation
  7. The Bernoulli Shortcut
  8. Conditional Variance
  9. Expected Values for Insurance
  10. Parametric Distributions
  11. The Lognormal Distribution
  12. The Loss Elimination Ratio
  13. Other Coverage Modifications
  14. Bonuses, Dividends, and Refunds
  15. Frequency Models
  16. The Poisson Gamma Mixture Pattern
  17. Frequency with Respect to Exposure and Coverage Modifications
  18. Approximating Aggregate Losses
  19. Recursive Discrete Aggregate Loss
  20. Ruin Theory
  21. Statistics for Empirical Models
  22. Kaplan-Meier and Nelson-Aalen Estimators
  23. Maximum Likelihood Estimators

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